We hope the information below answers any questions you have about Soulja Boy’s SBeezyLights. If you have questions that aren’t answered please email us at Team@SBeezyLights.com

Do the lights change color? Can you turn off the lights? Can they stay on one color? What colors?

Yes. Yes. & Yes. The lights in the sole are controlled by a button/switch located in the interior. You can choose between 7 colors with 1 – 3 different flashing colors. The standard colors are Red, Blue, Green, Purple/Pinkish, Yellow, Teal, & White.

There is a issue with my lights? How to I use my warranty I bought?

We have updated our process with our shoe warranty please visit the below link.

Can I promote for SBeezy Lights & get a pair of shoes to wear to model?

Yes. Email us at Team@SBeezyLights.com with the info below attached. We’ll review your information and if you fit our criteria (ie. over 30k fans/followers combined, etc.) we’ll contact you back for more information.


Social Media Links:

IG –

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Shoe Size & Style: (Please review the sizing for the style your interested in.)

I would like to get SBeezy Lights into my store. Who do I contact about setting up a wholesale account?

Email Team@SBeezyLights.com with all of your store information, quantity and style your interested in, and any other helpful information.